What is a mono-diet?

DietYou can sprinkle with herbs or wheat germ. You can only drink herbal teas and warm boiled water. Of seasonings may be used only thyme and cumin.
You can not eat
Can not be anything other than the selected product and greenery.
Diet is complicated, because the same food quickly tired, and after a couple of days you just can not have a look at this product.

In addition, the mono-diet did not provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. As soon as you return to a normal diet, lost weight, unfortunately, begin to slowly come back.
Wheat, rice or buckwheat mono diets perfectly cleanse the body of toxins. Digestive tract of a few days rest from too much food.

Sample menu
Rice (buckwheat) with parsley, water, rice (buckwheat) and infusion of mint, rice (buckwheat) with wheat germ.

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