Tips for weight loss

Diet tipsHow many ways are there to lose weight? Some diets are more than 500. Listening to any advice for weight loss important to remember that efficiency is not always equivalent to security, so it is first necessary to use common sense. To properly make a choice, consider ways to combat obesity. We did not want to repeat the mistakes of others.

The first advice for weight loss – “Trainers worms.”
They deceived Kallbas Mary, Elizabeth Taylor and other celebrities, carefully concealing the cause of rapid weight loss. Out of this, for example, to Maria Callas, not very well – she lost both voice and health. Twenty years later, with the help of weight loss method voluntary infection with worms again popular.

How is it doing? Ingest tapeworm larva, which settles in the intestines and grow to enormous size, eating hoyazyaina.

What are the results? Use three kinds of worms: tapeworm, pork tapeworm and bovine tapeworm. Adult worm reaches the size of a few meters. He is alert and has a good appetite. But other than that it vgryzvaetsya wrapped intestine, thus leaving wounds and yazyvochki, poisoning his mistress feces that cause allergies, fatigue and sleep disturbances. Get rid of the guest is difficult – need special rather toxic medications.

Regarding advice for weight loss, but actually helps to lose weight, but … at this price … you need it?
The second tip for weight loss – “Hunger Strike”.

“Healing fasting, which gets rid of all diseases!” – You are just trying to deceive. No one ever fasting did not bring real benefit. Let us recall the besieged Leningrad. Temporary effect of feeling better on the fifth day of fasting – it’s just a game of metabolism and no more togo.Shem of fasting are many. Among them there are even safe.

Than it is fraught? Hunger strike could exacerbate any chronic illness, cause vitamin and mineral deficiency, self klizmirovanie fraught with problems with the intestines. As for weight loss, the weight loss is mainly due to the loss of body fluids.
The third tip for weight loss – “Speed.”

This extreme method of maintaining harmony are dancers, models and other glamorous stuff.

How do they do it? The scheme is simple: after the meal, which does not correspond to the “form and content”, artificially cause vomiting or taking laxatives. Nutrients and in either case ustvaivayutsya. Fraught with this gradually increasing frequency of visits to a psychiatrist. The very fact that such behavior is seen as a sign of mental health problems (depression, anxiety, instability). It may be bulimia or anureksiya.
Fourth Council for weight loss – “Electronics”

Chips and charged bracelets. In addition to the loss of money is nothing dangerous.
The fifth method (choice of edition of the site) “Onanobika.”

Japanese inventor of this wonderful weight loss method Hideo Yamanaka even opened his own clinic. In order to lose weight by 4kg. a week, the Japanese offer to masturbate 3-5 times a day, at least 15 minutes, while carrying out exercises. In the sitting position – 60kkal, standing on his knees – 89, and while running on a treadmill – 204kkal. The only negative – the technique is only for men.

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