Tips for implement the diet of orange

Diet TipsThe benefits of doing a good cleansing of the body, to avoid getting sick. To follow these tips, we can perform cleansing diet of orange, since this has citrus slimming properties, which will help you lose weight and eliminate toxins.

The properties of orange diet , are very important. The orange has vitamin C, so it is considered a food antioxidant , also has a lot of fiber , which helps cleanse our body, helping you lose weight and toxins.

I advise you to do it for a period of one week, two or three times a year.
Please note that when you do, do not practice intense physical activity, because you will go down a lot of weight in a short time.
It is important not to forget the orange juice consumed within 30 minutes of spin, do not miss more time, but lose their vitamin C, therefore lose the antioxidant effect.
You can feel some sort of gastric discomfort, because the body tries to adapt to this new diet, so you must do it in a progressive way. If the discomfort is important, in addition to consulting with your doctor, you can try doing a slower progression: Start with 1 glass of diluted orange juice (half water and half juice) and then progresses to ¾ ¼ juice and water, up to the glass of pure orange juice.
How to capitalize on the properties of the orange diet:

Start drinking a glass of juice during the day.
Increases of a glass of orange juice per day, to complete more or less, half a liter of juice.
If you want you can replace the juice or fresh orange.
After making the orange diet to lose weight and toxins, for a week, you can add to juice, foods like grains and seeds such as sesame, oats, walnuts, almonds, bran, etc., That will give you lots of energy. An ideal

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