South Beach Diet

DietSouth beach diet you give up carbohydrates, that is, such as white bread and rice, but they can eat meat and fish.

Animal fats you substitute for vegetable. The first phase of the diet lasts for two weeks, during which time you can lose weight by 4-6 kg.

On the second point, you can have a “good” carbohydrates, such as bread from wheat flour and brown rice. The third stage is to save weight.

Can stay on it for as long as you like.

What you can eat:

vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, salads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

What not to eat white
bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, sweet fruits, and sugar. Alcohol is prohibited.
Disadvantages diet

Diet too expensive and complicated for our conditions, because based on hard foods (crab meat, mango, etc.). Cooking takes time.
The advantages of the south beach diet

Allows you to lose weight and maintain weight. With it you gradually change the diet to help you perpetuate the desired weight.
Sample menu diet

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, a slice of low-fat cheese, tomato juice, coffee without caffeine.

Lunch: salad of green beans, anchovies, olives tomatoes, eggs and olives.

Dinner: steak with pepper, roasted tomato pesto, salad of dandelion and watercress.

For dessert – almond cream ricotta.

During the day, you can eat 2 more times, such as turkey roulade with mayonnaise and coriander and celery stuffed with cream cheese triangle.

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