Secrets of Hollywood Diet

Hollywood DietProbably would not hesitate to have these two to five extra pounds that are very comfortable and thoroughly, for centuries settled in our original skinny hips, if not Hollywood beauties. Before us – the “secret” file on the Hollywood “stars”, the secrets of their beauty and harmony.

Perhaps we were not totally confused the two to five extra pounds that are very comfortable and thoroughly, for centuries settled in our original skinny hips, if not for Hollywood beauties.

Lithe – elegant and very long legs, wasp waist, high breasts and other inaccessible private charm actively replicated by all the media. Beauty brazen and beautiful smile with glossy covers and blue screens. They enjoy life, your own beauty, and earned millions on this beauty. How they manage to maintain her figure in a form and we will tell.

Liz Herli huduschey is because all the restaurants goes to its own devices. Miniature knife and fork let it have everything your heart desires, while maintaining a miniature figure. We certainly do not dare to recommend to you to spoil your holidays, the restaurant goes, most are not so often. But advise children to get a knife-fork-spoon for use in the home.

When Claudia Schiffer first came to the U.S. from Germany, for her first photo shoot had to lose weight fast, lose eight kilograms. She sat on the artless diet : fruit juice, nuts and yogurt for breakfast, meatless soup, wholemeal bread and juice for lunch, a variety of Chinese and French cuisine for dinner. Around the clock fighting with passion for baking. Meg Ryan expected when shooting starts in sports: three times a week, jogging and yoga.

Jennifer Lopez used to be somewhat thicker. Today’s sports, but at the same time is very seductive form – the result of the fact that she had forgotten her mother’s tightly greasy and delicious food and switched to the “philosophy of fitness”, you can easily get rid of excess weight. For breakfast she eats whole wheat bread and coffee for lunch – vegetable cocktail, dinner – a large vegetable salad with fish, chicken or meat. And for dessert – active sports.

Naomi Campbell is incredible and reasonably trust exfoliation. She regularly scrapes the whole body, reached the velvety skin tone and stunning soft lines that conquered the entire planet.

Actress Jennifer Aniston is trying different diets – it is not very good metabolism. It’s greetings from the past on numerous sandwiches, burgers with fries. But now it is in great shape.

When Brooke Shields wants to lose weight quickly, it goes to your cocktail from a mixture of fruit and yeast.

Melanie Griffith, in his forties, by all accounts, looks better than it has ever been. Her daily morning drink – soy protein. Recipe: a cup of berries, a tablespoon of soy, half a cup of apple juice and a cup of ice. And when you have thoroughly lose weight, Melanie goes to some fruit.

Chief expert on keeping their bodies in amazing shape the whole world thinks Sophia Loren. She – the genius of self-discipline, winning age. Sophie always talks about his passion for pasta and had never eats. She rarely eats meat and drinks a lot of water. It does not touch the potato chips, cigarettes and alcoholic cocktails. Cheese, fruits and vegetables – that is the main content of her diet.

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