Remove belly fat

Belly fatRemove belly fat is only one way – surgical. All other ways of dealing with the fat on the stomach somehow include the time factor.
So we have two options – diet and exercise.
Surely you’ve noticed that the diet and any dietary restrictions do not always bring the desired results. Perhaps lost weight, which, by the way, after the termination of the diet is also easy to place a call, and a flat stomach is not, and on the contrary, seem flabby.

The secret here is this. The fact is that our bodies any diet is a shock. After a while, the body understands what are the restrictions and begins to store fat in the “reserve”.

To make a flat stomach, it is necessary to apply physical activity. But even here, you can expect a catch. Every day you are doing abdominal exercises, constantly increasing the load, and the belly is all too flabby and unattractive? And the reason is that your beautiful inflated press simply hidden under a layer of fat. Have you noticed that even having run four laps around the nearest park, your stomach stays cool when the whole body is burning heat? The fact that the body fat on my stomach and hips hardly supplied with blood, and blood is rather contained therein oxygen needed to burn fat.

So, to get a flat stomach, we must achieve two goals:

– Pump and continue to keep your abdominal muscles toned

– Minimize body fat in the abdominal part.

Universal drill press does not exist. Each person must individually select complex depending on the constitution of the body, genetic and many other factors. You can define how this or that exercise, that it vozimelo maximum effect for you.

All exercises for abs are divided into three main types: for the “top” press, for the “lower” and obliques. The right time for Training – in the morning on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after a meal. Classes to be maximally effective, repeat each exercise for 20-25 times, committing to start at least two approaches. Each week, increase the load.

Each exercise will be more effective if in the final cycle to include the so-called fixation on exhalation (muscle contraction) lock body for a few seconds, hold your breath, and only then return to starting position. It is also worth to note that the correct algorithm breathing during exercise is very important to achieve the result, because it is the maximum expiratory muscles and burning fat. Experts advise breath perform nose and exhale through your mouth.

In addition, try a few times a day to make a discreet around gymnastics belly: as you exhale, squeeze and unclench Inspiratory abdominal muscles.

Tight stomach pumped to not hide behind a layer of fat, you must burn the fat. Here is to you a selection of funds. Running, cycling, aerobics, dance sport will help you remove belly fat.

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