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KsenikaleWeight loses popular products to help reduce body weight. Xenical blocks the enzymes that contribute to the absorption of fat – pancreatic lipase and lipase intestine. Like other medicines, Xenical without dieting ineffective. Maximum of what he can do – is to lower the absorption of fat by one-third, that is, two-thirds of ingested fat will still be assimilated.

The main advantage is the lack of intake of Xenical. Tablet, or more precisely, a blue capsule, it works only in the gut, and has no effect on the heart, brain, and body temperature. Mood for it, of course, worse: even though the stomach and feel satiated, but the brain receives fewer calories and feels that his “cheating.”

In order to lose weight with Xenical need low-calorie diet low in fat. Such a diet with Ksenikalom during the year results in a decrease in body weight by an average of 10%.

Take Xenical with meals. Side effects of Xenical include profuse discharge of gases and reducing absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. But most importantly, while taking Xenical may involuntary bowel movements.

Chair while taking this drug has become so bold that can flow down the walls of the elementary intestine. Outwardly, it resembles the sea buckthorn oil, only the smell is different. In addition to simple leak may be options. The manufacturer has made a classification of methods of isolation does not absorb fats: bloating, carminative, diarrhea, oily stools, frequent stools, and, most worryingly, fecal incontinence.

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