Most important actions of herbs for weight loss

herbs diet1. Herbs that suppress hunger. Such herbs or a mucous film on the walls of the stomach, reducing appetite, or soaking up moisture, they increase in volume and fill the stomach and satisfy your hunger. These groups of plants include linseed, marshmallow root, angelica officinal is, spiraling algae and others. All this can easily be found at local pharmacies or herbalists.

2. Herbs that increase the excretion of fluids from the body, or as they are called – diuretics. Through active water exchange from the body cleans and excess fluid from the body fat.

Herbs – bear ears, horsetail, bilberry leaf, burdock, and others. Just do not think that you can lose weight just by withdrawing water, because BOA in our body just is not delayed, and its lack of impact on the state of the body negatively.

Therefore, taking a diuretic, it is necessary to increase the dose of oral fluids due to pure water. Such plants are contraindicated for people with kidney disease.

3. Herbs that stimulate the production and excretion of bile. These include dandelion, barberry, thorough wax, immortelle, corn and other columns. These herbs in the first place, and normalize liver and gall bladder, which helps to more fully digest food.

4. Herbs that normalize and promote digestion have a laxative effect and help cleanse the intestines of harmful substances. If you are on a diet to lose weight, it is the very substance that will help you take the excess fat and toxins from the body. This is such herbs as buckthorn bark, cumin, fennel, anise, Rhine berry and others.

5. Herbs that increase energy expenditure. Thus, they help to burn more calories than usual. Perhaps, they too should be included in table calorie products, only with a minus sign. This is the famous spices – turmeric, rosemary, ginger and others. However, they can also increase appetite, so watch out for the number of food intake.

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