Lose Weight with the 25-th frame

SlimThe 25-th frame to get rid of excess weight. You do not go to the beach because ashamed to show my body in public? Deep down you know that by this nasty layer suffers a great figure. You want to help her get out, but deliberately go to the pangs of hunger and exhausting exercise, you can not. Try to help her on a subconscious level. All the more so in view of the development of modern science, this is possible.

In order to understand the mechanism of action of this mysterious method, we turned to scientific calculations. It turns out that the man has two ways of perception: perceived (sensory) and unconscious.

In the second way information is perceived to bypass consciousness. Screen image our mind perceives at 24 frames per second. Put in the second period and no more images to be perceived them. But on a subconscious level, the brain will process and the frame.

Application of the 25-th frame – it is ambiguous. For the purpose of advertising is prohibited by law. But for medicinal purposes, this method is widespread. It helps alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers and people suffering from obesity. Dieting, counting calories and exercise machines are no longer needed! 25-th frame, turning directly to the subconscious, reminding him of the natural needs of the body. Repetitions of the screen in subsensornom mode formulas autosuggestion encourage the body to self-healing. This method neutralizes the bad habits that cause our sorry state, and will give positive attitudes. In one word, it would eliminate the cause of the excess weight. You lose as much as your body needs for effective functioning.

Before using the program, honestly determine the cause of your complete and your weight loss goals. Perhaps we should consult a psychologist. It will help determine the true levers of influence on your subconscious. It is important that not a conflict between the conscious and unconscious motivation. Then specify code phrases that should be used to influence your subconscious mind on the body. For example: “it is time to lose weight”, “fat melting”, “lose weight – become beautiful”, “fast metabolism”, etc. Them you are entered into the program.

For a brief moment demonstrating subconscious does not have time to absorb the information. Need regular long-term effects. To consolidate all the habits required by the body for 21 days. Therefore, the course of treatment 25-th frame should be made taking into account features of our consciousness. The daily dose should be at least 1 hour. Can be divided into three or four sessions of 15-20 minutes. The effect will depend on the time of viewing the encoded information. If you work at a computer, your sessions will be longer and more active effect. Full course should be conducted according to the following schedule. The main treatment course – 21 day break 7 days to fix the exchange rate – 21 day break over 7 days to prevent the course – 21 days.

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