List of forbidden diets foods for weight loss

forbidden diets foodsA list of forbidden foods in diets for weight loss, for it was made a table of high calorie foods, you should avoid if you’re dieting to lose weight.

This table of high calorie foods is very helpful when choosing what foods to eat, should be doing a weight loss diet, or a diet to keep the weight on.

Forbidden foods for weight loss diets for groups:

Calories per 100 grams of food
Condensed milk: 320 calories
Yogurt integer. 110 calories
Cheese of great maturity. 400 calories

From cow fat: 400 calories
Palette lamb. 420 calories
Pork with fat: 350 calories
Viscera average of 250 calories
Bacon: 665 calories
Sausage. 430 calories
Chorizo colorado: 420 calories
Deviled ham: 463 calories
Pate of pork: 350 calories
Salame: 550 calories

Dehydrated Fruits average 400 calories

Oats: 410 calories
Cookies in general: 400 calories

Butter: 758 calories
Cream 40%: 415 calories
Mayonnaise: 750 calories
Salsa Course: 600 calories
Jams with sugar: 350 calories
It should be noted that there are always differences in chemical composition values of the same product, but different brands. These are average values.

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