How to make your waist?

waistIf you are one of those who never have time to go to a gym, we will teach you how to build your home waist. This Physical exercise routine to have waist in a few weeks, they will take a long time and you can make them when you wake up or before going to sleep as long as you have not eaten recently.

In a few weeks you will see reflected in your body, all the effort you put into making these exercises to get waist. Something to remember is that it should be complemented with a good diet.

• Exercise of the ring, this year to mark the waist is placed upright, with the same separated, forming a v. You will put your hands behind your head, and go to the right and left turn. Will do in principle, 3 sets of 10 and then go to increase the amount of a series.
• Another exercise to reduce cinura , the abs is the cross, which are indicated to strengthen these muscles, which will help to slim the waist . You can start with 3 sets of 10, and then gradually increase to a range of same amount.
• A fun exercise to do is gymnastics with a hoop, the kind that used to play girls. You put it around your waist and the aim is that the ring will not fall to the floor. Try to keep your waist, thanks to your moves in a circle. This addition to being a very effective exercise to have waist is ideal for fun and why not, spend time with your daughter.

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