How to lose fat from the belly

bellyExtra fat on your stomach and you’re already thinking about how to lose fat? Even decided to work out and limit yourself to eat? But that’s not familiar razdelyut your new hobbies and do not want to train with you? It may not be out there looking for? Hollywood stars in one voice say not that the dog is the most faithful, joyful and full of enthusiasm for each sport.

Dog-jog – so called a fashion stars. Today, for a run with your favorite dog, you can find a lot of Hollywood star, get rid of fat from the abdomen. These walks – an excellent way to relax, unwind in the fresh air and relax.

To use for fat loss was the greatest, it is you, not a dog, should choose the pace and route your charge. Running “at breakneck speed” for his friend – not the best way to lose fat from the belly. Why one should consider a route of the race. Well, if this is the nearest park or square. Desirable away from the motorway.

Simple games like “Bring and offer” not only will inspire fun and joy, but will work out different muscle groups, which is so important to clean up its weight.

So now the most important thing to clear fat from the abdomen. This exercise – a “vacuum” for the abdominal muscles. This is a very good exercise to remove fat from the abdomen. Take a deep breath, bend, pulling his fingers to the ground while trying to squeeze all the muscles of the abdomen to the back. Hold your breath for 10 accounts, straight, and exhale. This exercise trains the muscles well, which are difficult to elaboration. It helps in controlling the stretch of the stomach wall and fixes problems dumped abdomen with which even experienced people with an ideal weight.

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