How to diet?

DietWhy overweight and obese patients abandon diets is starving for fear, or because they have fallen into the temptation to eat the first thing are starvation. But what I really feel hungry or is anxiety, are two completely different terms. These tips will show you how to diet to diet without starving.

When we talk about hunger is when it hurts the stomach by not eating, that feeling of needing food because it really, we feel bad. Now when we say anxiety , say something completely different. Is the need to eat some food because we feel nervous, anxious, is the need to eat for lunch, just because. So when this happens, we stick to the first thing you find in the refrigerator or pantry.

• Ideally with these anxiety attacks is to use natural foods: fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, desserts diet, dietary jellies, soups diet are the ideal proposal.
• If you are already in dietary, fill your refrigerator with low-calorie foods and allowed as I mentioned above. Try not to buy crackers or snacks, because surely at some point will become a temptation.
• Eat every three hours, do not miss any meals. We know that if we are long periods without eating, then when we sat at the table, eat the first thing we see, without asking too whether or not to.
• When you go to the supermarket, make sure you’ve eaten, because it is not convenient to go shopping on an empty stomach because you end up buying anything that tempts us.
• Another tip, when you feel anxiety about eating, chewing gum helps, and also go out and walk in the moment we are about to abandon the temptation of food, helps not only to control but also to lose weight a little faster.

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