How many calories needed per day to Slimming?

SlimWomen need per day – from 2100 to 3000 kcal and for men need per day – from 2600 to 3200 kcal. Most of our readers, trying to slimming, ready to cut down the numbers in a few times, if at all, to reduce to zero. So popular now on the onion soup diet involves daily intake of no more than 1,000 calories, the Japanese diet is even less – 700 kcal.

“In fact, to lose weight, do not need to reduce daily calorie intake to less than 1300-1500 calories per day – said Anastasia Pavlovna Pirogov, a specialist in weight correction Clinic Family Medicine” MEDI on Nevsky ”

– 1500 calories a day is small enough to overweight started to leave, given of course that you have to work, intellectual work and the gym. ”

This figure contains three full meals, and you can even afford dessert – ice cream or a piece of chocolate. “However, – adds Anastasia Pavlovna, dessert, I suggest there is only this morning that during the day the body time to process and use up sweets.

For breakfast, better prepare their porridge or other dish of cereal. Grains consist of slow carbohydrates that will be phased in over a few hours to provide us with energy, so that 2-4 hours you can work in peace without feeling hungry. My advice is to prepare for breakfast oatmeal, buckwheat or a mixture of four cereals. It is possible to add fruits, dried fruits and berries.

Kashi better to cook on the water, not milk, as we were taught caring hostess. When cooking breaks down the milk protein, and the use does not already brings, in addition, the combination of cereal and milk are not always well digested in the stomach. To porridge was tasty, add it before serving cream 10-11% or fat-free yogurt. ”

One meal a day should be a full, rich, to have something to chew on, and it will be a lunch or dinner – it depends on the lifestyle of the person. At lunch you can eat soup and the second – meat, fish with vegetables, such as vegetables.

It is important to get lunch and proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins provide a feeling of satiety: the feeling that you really ate. Carbohydrates are essential for normal life. If you consume less than 70 grams of carbohydrates a day, as advised in the protein diet, you may end up fainting, fatigue, nervous breakdowns, etc.

Carbohydrates are needed by the body, the only thing you want to change the quality.

Fast carbs
Carbohydrates are the “fast”: pure glucose, sugar, different, fruit, honey, jam, candy. And there are “slow” – those that stand slowly, in doses. “Slow” carbohydrates – is a big part of cereals and vegetables. Focus on the table of glycemic index.

Good carbs for you, those who have the glycemic index of less than 50, the bad ones, which have more. Fat minimum are necessary, at least 30g. a day.

Fats make any dish taste better. And enjoy food is important. People who enjoy all the flavors of dishes, long, slowly chew and not swallow the pieces, resulting in eating less and get fewer calories.

After six …
Many nutritionists recommend not to eat after six in the evening . “I fully agree with them – continues Anastasia P. – on biorhythms, from the way the person is arranged hormones, it is desirable that the last meal was not pozzhe19 at 18:00: 00. Then the food will be digested and well absorbed.

After 6 pm, ie from 18 hours to 21 hours body’s ability to “make out” the food down, and after nine in the evening the body is getting ready for bed, and can not properly digest food and expend received fat. And unused fats are in custody – are deposited in the subcutaneous fat. Therefore, I advise no later dinner seven nights. But if a person is forced by circumstances to go to bed late, the last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime.

For dinner, you can eat a meal of carbohydrates (with the glycerin index below 50), for example, vegetable salad . Possible with the breast, it is seafood – any proteins, but not very fat. The main thing is that you get pleasure from eating, chewing a long time and feel all the flavors. And deprive yourself of fun and there is no need to starve.

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