Herbs for Weight Lose

HerbsMake a weight lose program, you have two ways. One is to take medication, which is not always safe and advisable. The other possibility for weight loss, is to opt for a natural way, through diet herbs, which can be supplemented with a proper diet plan.

Through different and varied scientific studies, has been discovering the properties that these herbs to lose weight, we find in nature, have to lose weight. Analyze three kinds of herbs for weight loss

Hyssop: It is an herb, whose property is to stimulate increased intestinal peristalsis, as well as help improve gastric metabolism. Therefore, organic detoxification helps. It can be taken as a tea twice a day. Remember that this herb should not be taken by women was pregnant, as it may bring complications to pregnancy.
Fucus slimming : It is a seaweed rich in iodine, rich in protein, B vitamins, as well as various minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, among otros.Es a very complete food besides being rich in nutrients helps us to lose weight for several reasons:
Is a food with a high satiety value.
Thyroid is a stimulant, for its high iodine content, thus helping the body to eliminate existing toxins.
Fucus preparation should be daily, not stored in the refrigerator, and that over time, this alga loses its vitamins and minerals. Al fucus should moisturize it, then you should boil, and when it forms a jelly remove from heat, strain and consume a cup of tea of fucus slimming before each main meal.

The only contraindication is that there should not consume people suffering from hyperthyroidism.

Horehound: is an herb with diuretic effect, and inflammatory. Removes excess gases from the body. The mechanism by which helps you lose weight is because it stimulates gastric and intestinal metabolism, helping to eliminate toxins and waste. This herb can be taken in tea. Drink at least 3-6 cups a day, the first to take it on an empty stomach is recommended.

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