Foods containing fiber diet

Herbal dietFoods rich in fiber, are very important in any weight loss diet. A when trying to lose weight, eat foods that contain fiber, which also help treat various diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, constipation and atherosclerosis, among other .
Foods containing fiber diet, they act in our bodies in different ways:

As satisfying, take away hunger and control the anxiety that comes in slimming treatments.

Increases intestinal transit, because it has the ability to absorb water.

Help to “sweep” the harmful substances to our bodies as toxins, excess fat, thus preventing the formation of thermo in our arteries.
Helps lower blood sugar, very important in diabetic diets.
Fiber-rich foods for weight loss are:
Vegetables in general. Leafy vegetables, have lots of fiber (spinach, broccoli, nabiza, chard, turnip greens, lettuce, etc..), Like carrots, asparagus, tomato, cabbage, eggplant, squash, beans, potatoes, etc.
Fruits: All general. Most of the fiber and vitamins are in the skin, so it is very important to eat whole and fresh.
Grains: rice, flour, pasta. All integrals, ie unrefined. That way not only will have more fiber, but also more vitamins and minerals.
The fiber is a very important nutrient to stay healthy, it is imperative to incorporate them in our daily diet.

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