Exercises to slim the extra kilos

Slim DietDiet to lose weight you’re probably doing a routine exercise to lose those kilos difficult, as a complement.
If not, go for it, do not stop and start now!

When we are in the weight loss program, at first went down faster weight, this is because there is a greater increase fluid loss, then comes what is called “plateau”, ie a period start decreasing costs weight, and feel that we stagnate. This is the time to start performing exercises to lose weight.

Ideally, start walking and go on a daily basis increased progressively over time, to increase your aerobic capacity and to burn fat more easily. But what to do with those extra pounds that stayed in the abdomen or legs, these are the hardest to lose, because they are located.

To do this, nothing is better to start with an exercise routine located, as an example of localized gymnastics, are recommended abdominal exercises , you can start the day with 2 sets of 10, and progressively increase. Remember that for this exercise in the right way should put his arms behind his head, and stick the chin to the chest, to avoid injury to the cervical area. These abdominal toning help us both rectus abdominis, the Crusaders, the top and bottom.

Other exercises appropriate to this goal are the squat, which initially advised to do so without additional weight of our bodies, and as classes progress in adding it can go, according to the advice of your teacher. Besides these, you should do exercises located in the legs, working adductors, abductors and buttocks respectively. In these exercises, you can also start following the same routine with abs.

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