Exercises that will strengthen your back muscles

strengthenA set of exercises that will strengthen your back muscles and help you to speed rehabilitation after injury.

For greater efficiency of each exercise, which we will describe below, should be performed 10 times, preferably in 2 sets.
All you need to purchase a pair of dumbbells weighing 2.5 kg each, tape-shock, as well as a special ball called fitball.

Exercise for the spine – twisting
Sit on the ball, feet should be under 90, the back should be straight and your feet hip-width apart.

Take a dumbbell in both hands, raise them above his head, hands should be fully straightened. Sitting in this position, turn body right away. thus lower the direct hand to the buttocks, return to starting position and repeat the same movement only in the other direction. For most of this exercise can be done with a raised leg.

Exercise for the spine – the rotation
Strengthen muscle stabilizers, shoulder muscles and back muscles.
Fitball need to lean on the wall, stand up straight and stretch the shoulder blades in it, in the hands again – dumbbell, back straight, abs and glutes tight. Step into a half-step forward, exhale and turn the body to the right, and the feet are moving, always on hand at chest level. Breathe in and take the starting position, doing the same motion, only the left.

Exercise for the spine – draft sitting
Tape shock to the height from the floor to 30 cm, sit, stretch your legs, knees slightly prisognuty, feet should be hip-width apart, toes stretched over. The handles of the ribbon-bumper take the hands, pulling them to the chest, palms facing each other, tighten your abdominal muscles, bend your elbows, while pulling the tape over to the limit and take the starting position slowly.

Exercise for the spine – the bridge
Strengthens the buttocks, back and stabilizer muscles.
Lie on your back, hands pulling apart, heels put on fitball. Rectifying such a way that the shoulders and feet were at each other. Squeeze your buttocks and abdominal muscles, try to ll the ball to the right, turning the hips, and then repeat the same movement in the other direction. Do not forget to keep the body in the initial position, in no event shall the waist sag.

Exercise for the spine – swallow

Strengthen stabilizer muscles, abs, buttocks and back.

Lie down on your stomach, arms extended forward, straighten hands, legs straight, toes tight, inhale and lift up with straight arms and legs, as if stretching, when you exhale take the starting position.

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