Exercise to augment the buttocks

buttocks ExerciseA gorgeous body, there are very good exercises to increase and strengthen the glutes. These will help in a few weeks, to strengthen this part of the body that worries both women and men alike.

Position yourself on all fours.
Lift your left leg with the knee bent.
Hold this position.
When you upload your leg, inspired, when you go down exhale.
Return to your starting position and repeat with the right leg, do 3 sets of 10 exercises.
Then in the same position, extend the left leg back and inspiring raise it as high as possible, then put it down.

Repeat 3 sets of 10 exercises.
This is an ideal exercise to lift the tail, you can perform for 15 minutes every day, if you are consistent, you will get excellent results.

Exercise to the strengthen
Profile Stand with one leg forward and one back.
Place your hands on your waist.
Bend both knees.
Keep your back straight, no breaks the waist, abdomen should be firm.
Up and down 10 times with each leg.
Do three sets of 10.
This exercise, increases and strengthens the buttocks and perfectly complements the previous one. If you want you can do both and you’ll get incredible results.

Exercise to lift the tail:
Put yourself in the prone position on a mat.
Spread your legs, like a “V”, and put your arms at your sides.
Raise one leg, bending the knee.
The leg should be bent, not straight, to avoid injury to the lower back.
Finally, start over. Perform three sets of 10 exercises.
Remember, these exercises slowly, to avoid injury. With these exercises to lift the tail will considerably increase and strengthen your buttocks quickly.

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