Diet onion soup

onion soupThe diet of the onion soup lets down many kilos in a short time, thanks to the excellent properties of the onion, very effective for weight loss and losing weight quickly and healthy.

The properties of the onion do, that dietary onion soup is extremely effective, and make you lose kilos quickly.

The onion helps us:
Remove excess fluid from the tissues, helping the kidneys to work better.
Treat liver and gallbladder.
Removes excess gases.
Stimulate gastric activity.
Treating diabetes.
Will show you how through diet onion soup, you can enjoy all these excellent properties of onion.

Recipe Onion Soup

6 or 7 large onions
2 green peppers
6 ripe tomatoes
Celery mature
A medium sized cabbage
Wash the vegetables.
Cut into small pieces.
Boil the vegetables in water.
Diet Onion Soup
Weekly distribution:
Day one: You can eat all the soup and fruit you want except banana.
Day Two: You can eat all the soup and vegetables you want.
Day Three: You can eat all the soup, fruit and vegetables you want.
Day Four: Soup, takes all the milk you want and eat 6 bananas.
Day five: all you want soup, 250 grams of beef and six fresh tomatoes.
Day six: all you want soup, fish meat or chicken and vegetables in the amount you want.
Day Seven: all you want soup, rice, vegetables and fruit juices in the amount you want.
This diet allows you to lose up to 5 kilos in a week. Being a restrictive diet not carry out most of the time. You can not consume tea, or soda.

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