Diet – 3 days

Weight loseWeight lose Diet is a very strict in their observance and composition.
Diet Basics

The diet is called the “three days”, but is designed for 9 days.

This diet – one of the options monodiets: the first 3 days to eat boiled rice without salt and oil. For a taste, you can add spices and soy sauce. Over the next three days to eat chicken (breast). Boil it or cook for a couple. Complete diet “three days” apples.

Every day, drink at least two liters of water. If all the conditions, you promise weight loss of 9 kg. One by one kg per day of patience and perseverance.
This diet is very like our celebrities. But first, you think well, ready to whether such restrictions? Albeit briefly.

Doctor’s Opinion:
Version of the diet is built on the extremes: first, there is a shortage of protein foods and fats, then protein oversupply and lack of carbohydrates in the diet. During the first 6 days, the time to get the vitamins and micro-nutrients and starvation.

The final stage altogether exhausting: it is in the first phase, the menu is devoid of protein and fat. In addition, apples cause hunger. Well at least the duration of the diet is less than 9 days.

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