Benefits of noni to loss weight

Noni dietNoni is a tropical fruit that has many benefits for the body, thanks to its special characteristics. In this particular case, we will discuss the use of noni for weight loss, explaining what are the properties of noni slimming.

Noni is composed of fiber, protein, iron, vitamin C, calcium and zinc. In this composition are based properties noni slimming:

Anti-inflammatory: inflammation of the digestive tract, and aids in the removal of gases.
Digestive: Aids digestion and absorption of nutrients, being very useful in case of gastritis.

Antioxidant: Noni is composed of several antioxidants such as vitamin C, and zinc, essential for cellular health.
Detoxifying: Noni is an excellent scavenger of toxins and waste, so it serves the body to eliminate toxins from the body.
Natural antidepressant: For a type of sugar that has (oligosaccharides), serotonin is stimulating hormone (pleasure).
These properties of noni, help you lose weight effectively. Also if you plan to consume noni, I recommend that you do with a diet to lose weight, thus the benefit will be greater.

Noni has a taste and a smell not very nice, because I advise you to consume juice.

Here is the recipe, for the use of noni juice diet :
Diluted with other fruit juice could be pineapple (for detoxifying property), grape (for cleansing property) orange (for its antioxidant property), or your choice.
Note: It is best to dilute the noni juice because juice is very thick and not very tasty. But remember that it is very beneficial to health. If you have any questions, be sure to check with your doctor.

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