Benefits of green tea for weight lose

TeaThe green tea could say that is an ancient tea because it is widely used in oriental culture, so this infusion properties have been studied. Because these studies made for centuries, we can determine what properties and contraindications of green tea for weight lose

Green tea, due to its high content of Polyphemus, increases basal metabolism, resulting in increased energy expenditure, leading to faster weight loss.
It mobilizes fat deposits in the body, speeding their elimination.

Its high poly phenol content, we can say that is an excellent antioxidant, improving cell regeneration.
The consumption of green tea is not recommended for pregnant women and young children, as a metabolic accelerator.
Sometimes can increase nervousness, being a brain stimulant.
And contraindications mentioned properties of green tea diet, you need to accompany a slimming diet with several cups of green tea a day and that way, you will increase weight loss.

To maximize the benefits of green tea to lose weight , you must put the grass green tea in hot water, not boiling, for 3 minutes, let it rest and then serve. This way you get the full potential of this great and ancient infusion.

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