Benefits of eating yogurt?

Diet Yogurt• The benefits of yogurt reach all people, from the early life stages until the final stages of their lives.
• For its richness in calcium is recommended for children and adolescents, women who are breastfeeding and menopause.
• It is also a good solution for the elderly, people with chewing or after an illness. A people that assimilation of milk causes digestive problems or allergies, because yogurt is digested easily without forcing the intestine.
• Recent studies claim that also neutralizes the carcinogenic action.

• The yogurt has a composition very similar to that of milk, because it provides almost the same nutrients such as calcium, vitamins and minerals.
• Most of qualities due to fermentation, the process by which the yogurt milk becomes. This practice improves the assimilation of lactose by the body.
• Their live bacteria help to regenerate the intestinal flora and curb diarrhea.

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