7 principles of diet

dietDiet ballerina looks different: tight restrictions on food ends immediately after ballet school, but during the course instructor may limit the future queen of pointe shoes in the food. Therefore, along with a diploma and ends hunger strike, and while working in the theater ballerina afford many gastronomic pleasures.

However, this does not mean that they attack the food, dancers always control the amount of food eaten, because the extra pounds interfere dance and add more strain on back and foot. As the dancers manage to keep yourself in shape?

Professional dancers reveals diet secrets Svetlana Zakharova.
1. Diet ballerinas – is, when you want
Everyone knows that there is at night is bad, but a lot depends on your schedule of the day. Often the dancers just can not follow this rule and do not eat after six o’clock. Performances often end up very late, at about 10 pm and immediately after it is not desirable, because the body is in a certain stress.

But before going on stage is not. But to refuse dinner quite as impossible, since the dinner at the dancers in principle – there are only a light snack and follow a long rehearsal. Therefore dinner ballerina possible even at 2-3 am.

2. Diet ballerinas – not salt food
But do not think that dancers eat once a day – at night. This is not so, otherwise they would not be able to perform. In addition to dinner, breakfast plays an important role. Svetlana Zakharova, tries to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Usually there is a ballerina or buckwheat porridge with a small piece of butter, and drink green tea.

Ballerina admits that her diet is fast food meals, as they are delicious. But she cooks homemade meals on the water and their salts. Because during the day so used enough salt on it that we at first glance, for example, a lot of salt comes into contact with raw or brown bread.

3. Diet ballerinas – favorite foods
You should not limit yourself to your favorite foods, because the body will still require them. It should just make a habit of precise control of the amount of food eaten. For example, Svetlana loves chocolate, cheese and herring with potatoes and indulge in them.

However, if she sees that well again, then a little to limit the scope of these products and instead of 100 grams of chocolate eats 50 grams and slices of cheese cuts twice thinner than usual. This simple rule, you can quickly achieve results.

4. Diet ballerinas – Japanese and Chinese cuisine
Chinese and Japanese food is not only delicious, but also extremely useful, they are perfectly suited for a diet dancers. All dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms, meat, seafood and does not contain excess fats and preservatives.

Favorite food ballerina – Japanese beef “shabu-shabu.” It’s a little boiled beef in vegetable broth, which has a great taste and very filling, but not looking at it does not leave the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. After a ballerina is very important that after the meal was easy. And if you use Japanese chopsticks for eating, then the saturation will occur much earlier, and you will eat less than if you used European instruments.

5. Diet ballerinas – Love the fish
Since ballerina Svetlana dancing in the famous Italian “La Scala”, it is often the case in Italy, and, once there, constantly fighting the urge to eat pizza or pasta. Handle this temptation it helps that Italy is famous for its delicious white fish and arugula. So she always orders a salad with octopus and sea bass – incredibly tasty and healthy dishes.

6. Diet ballerinas – Read the label
Food to be truly healthy, it is necessary to use only fresh products. Therefore, going for shopping, keep this in mind and always read the label and check the expiration dates. In stale vegetable products produced mycotoxins, which are very harmful to the human body, especially for the metabolism.

7. Diet ballerinas – Listen to yourself
In the world there is a huge mass of various diets, but everyone should pick them, focusing on your body, choosing something that really suits him. Some products give a sense of gravity, which is why there is not a ballerina apples. It is therefore important not to listen to others, and to listen to your body, which will tell you what you need to eat to feel great.

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