3 secrets of naturally thin people

thin peoplePeople who apparently never suffered with calorie counting and perhaps therefore happier than the rest to just maintain a healthy weight.

The sworn enemy of those who suffer from common mortals kilos extra. Right? Further away from hate, just a matter of taking a look at these 7 secrets of naturally thin people and thus understand that everything is a matter of perspective.

Rather, “self care instinctive”, which experts say is not nothing but emulate the mindset of naturally thin people. Beginning, the world does not revolve around a figure of the balance or scale. For the thin naturally know how to be happy without becoming slaves of weight and finally, finding the time to enjoy the pleasures of life, such as vacation, personal goals, among others.

However, there is a balance between increased obsessed with every ounce, every minute of the exercise routine, every calorie eaten, etc.. and overall sloppiness; exact parity in entering these 7 secrets of naturally thin people.

As experts say, before one can if you want to approach a healthy way to deal with the weight, it is important to achieve the correct mental state. Let’s start the way!

Secret 1: Keep the weight intuitively
Thin people by nature, maintain their weight and do not usually worry about knowing the exact figure. Do not get too high on the scale (perhaps not have one), nor have precise control of your body measurements. No need for that, because they trust their bodies to regulate their own weight. Many will say, “Sure is easy to not worry about the weight, when that never changes.”

But it is worth asking: Does the weight stays because they care about the same? What if the constant concern did weight fluctuate? What if we tried to think like a thin person by nature, with an internal knowledge and certainty that our weight will remain stable?

Secret 2: Apply an intuitive attitude
Naturally thin people have a positive image of themselves and their lives. For those who have not suffered from a weight problem, they know that the key to happiness is in how we perceive and how we perceive our lives.

Have we put the “ideal weight” rather than happiness? What burden of bringing negative criticism and how come we can change?

Secret 3: Knowing what to eat intuitively
Naturally thin people eat when they are hungry, when your body needs energy and time when even without being hungry. However, they do in this proportion: To satisfy a physical need (75% to 100% of the time), physical desire (from 0% to 25% of the time) and emotional desire (from 0% to 10% of the time). What a difference!

You see, the key is in proportion, be alert to the signs of the body, but also meet the occasional desire.

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