1200 calorie diet

DietDaily limit is 1200 calories.
It is best to allocate this amount to 5 meals: 300 kcal breakfast, lunch, 300 calories, 300 calories dinner and two snacks of 150 calories. A week without much stress you lose about a kilogram.

You can eat all
lean and savory foods, very limited quantities.

You can not eat:fatty meats, sweets, fast food, nuts, and drink the sweet juices, soft drinks and alcohol.

1200 calorie diet deficiencies
Will have to carefully count calories and weigh food, because the nutritional value is usually indicated sludge 100 grams. Requires consistency.

Recommended by nutritionists as an effective and safe for health. You can sit on this diet for five months without a threat to weaken your body.
Sample menu

Breakfast: Muesli with low fat yogurt, coffee or tea without milk or sugar.

Dinner: boiled or baked in foil chicken, cucumber salad with sour cream and dill bread.

Dinner: rice with strawberries, topped with low-fat yogurt and cinnamon, green tea.

This is important!

Before you get on any diet, be sure to check with your doctor. There are a number of diseases in which this or that diet may be contraindicated or not at all dangerous. You also need to be careful with diet if you are pregnant.

When choosing a diet, carefully examine the pros and cons. But most importantly – honest to admit, can you sustain it or not. If you know in advance what is likely the fact that two weeks to sit on a buckwheat and water, you do not have enough, then do not start. It is better to choose a diet with which you just “get along.” Then, and for the body to use, and the mood of victory will be great!

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