Why fat is not what you are getting fatter?

If you think that fat is what you think is getting fat again, because it may be the least guilty of all. You hear that reducing fat intake helps you lose weight, but many people already, and on and on fat.

So what the answer is to eat less fat? Not so much…

Instead diets are or how to eat daily high in carbohydrates which have been accumulating tirelessly fat in our bodies, making us grow waist, belly and increasing obesity rates.

Let’s see how the process of eating fattening carbohydrates you eat

  • Te hungry
  • You choose…

White Pasta
White breads
Highly processed cereals
French fries
White rice
Artificial fruit juices
Cans of soda

  • Segre gas insulin
  • The carbohydrates are digested and enter the bloodstream quickly in the form of glucose
  • Your blood sugar levels soar
  • Have an excess of stored energy that not being worn and to shoot all that much insulin becomes a process that makes your fat cells become even greasier.
  • Engordas

How these carbohydrates play a role?
Basically everything has to do with insulin. Insulin is the primary regulator of fat metabolism, and the more insulin segregues, most active are your fat cells. That is why we speak of insulin both speaking of fat, because the more you increase your levels of insulin, the more fat will accumulate. Conversely, when your lower levels are more than the fat used as their fuel.

Insulin or rather insulin levels are determined primarily by carbohydrates you consume. It is the quality and quantity of carbohydrates that determine how much fat you accumulate. Put simply: carbohydrates manage insulin, and insulin controls fat storage.

As a general rule the more rapid your carbs are digested more you gain weight. Therefore, if you limit or reduce your intake of these carbohydrates and keep your fat and protein levels stable your weight and your fat levels should be reduced. And if you think that fat makes you fat reads again, what more fattening carbohydrates are bad.

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