What is the diet?

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At the present time only the deaf and blind does not know what is the diet. Some manage to not only diet, but also to earn, adding 25000th list of diets around the world own original version.

Due to the rapid rush, which starts around the beginning of March, and not much abated, with new strength resumes after the Christmas libations, to answer the question of what is the diet can any student. Now, the time came and you understand a little bit on this issue.

What is the diet?
If you open any reputable medical encyclopedia or dictionary, you can find a lot of definitions, some reduced to the next. Diet called developed to meet the requirements of a particular person, and maybe his body, daily diet. Included in the diet of a diet food and dishes must conform to a specific chemical composition, a dietitian, and consumed in the strictly indicated time intervals, after appropriate preparation.

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