What exercise is better?

exercise The abdomens are very important. With regular exercise can reduce the waist in one month at 5-8 cm and wider than it is, the faster will be losing centimeters. However, to obtain such results it is important to choose the right exercise.

Many people think that the best exercise for the stomach the rise of the torso from a lying position. However, this solution is not optimal, because this way you can hurt your back. Tensing your abdominal muscles, you carry most of the load on the lumbar spine, in the end there is pain in the lower back.

A much better and more useful to do special exercises for the abdomen, lower back does not require separation from the floor. Dominant exercises in the complexes of the abdominal muscles are so-called twisting.

Twists are of two types: normal and reverse. The first involves the lifting of the upper body from a prone position with pulling the shoulders to the pelvis. The principle of the latter is the opposite – the pelvis is pulled to his chest. The amplitude of such exercises is small, should not be on a grand scale rock press, it is not safe and not as efficient. Twist must be performed according to the rules, gradually increasing the number of repetitions or expanding complex.

In order to get a flat stomach, you need not only the twisting. Exercise can only improve the tone of the abdominal muscles. They will not allow to get rid of the layer of fat that lies on top of these muscles. The only way to remove fat – perform vigorous aerobic exercise, such as jumping, running, bike rides, at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. These exercises are mandatory, as they help to increase the rate of metabolism, causing the body to expend all the stored form of energy, in short, fat. Aerobic exercise is aimed at reducing the percentage of body fat, and training with weights increases overall metabolic rate, so to some extent increases the effects of aerobics.

Must perform a series of exercises that develop all the abdominal muscles (straight and oblique) at different angles. There are three so-called plane of movement. When you bend forward, you work the sagittal plane. Folds back can develop front and torso twists – the cross. Basic twisting develops muscles in one plane of motion – sagittal – so you can do them forever, but reach only a third of the result. Of course, do not drop the curling. Add motion under two different angles, and your stomach will be much flatter.

Even if you have a fantastic set of exercises, they should be changed every few weeks. The longer adhere to the program activities; the body becomes more prepared when they are executed. Ultimately, this will lead to the use of less energy and burn fewer calories, and you will not get optimal results. Studies show that muscles are adapted only for 4-5 workouts.

However, the muscles do not get bored, not necessarily always completely change the whole set of exercises. Periodic motions of small improvements are enough. For example, instead of putting his hands over his ears during crunches, try to pull your hands in front of him, or do side curl on an incline bench, not on the floor.

Classes with heavy balls or dumbbells in your hands – another way to increase the load with increasing force. Use these loads, it was impossible to do more than 15-20 reps at a time.

Summarizing, we can say that the training of the abdominal muscles helps to create a beautiful press, but by itself does not allow removing the layer of fat from the waist. You can get rid of fat through diet and aerobic exercise. In other words, in order to get a beautiful and slender abdomen, you should do abdominal exercises, stick to a low calorie diet and aerobics (jogging, cycling, etc.). This will provide not only the waist but slender body with toned buttocks, legs and seductive.

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