Weight loss for better health

The recommended body weight of a person can be calculated depending on their height, considering that the calculation provides a desirable range. Each person is unique and has variations in their physique, why should be adjusted.

If it is clear that weight loss improves the health of the person, in this process the sport and physical activity play a key role.

A weight above recommended conditions us to be overweight or obese, which over time require more muscles, bones and joints. Besides the demand on the cardiovascular increases that determines an increased risk of diseases such as heart attacks and heart problems.

In this situation the sport has a major role in the decrease of body weight, as a contribution to a cardio-aerobic exercise. Any person wishing to improve their health should start your weight down, doing physical activity 30 minutes several times a week. With progressive aerobic training may increase the daily exercise time as a way to achieve better results. The benefits will be noticed from the first weeks of exercises.

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