Weight lose for natural habitat

dietDestroying the natural habitat of man inevitably destroys and established food traditions, and the more carefully you have been fitted to the difficult and sometimes incredibly difficult conditions of life, the tragic result of the intervention. Examples of this, unfortunately, a monstrous amount.

It should result in only a few to show the general trend. In civilized countries, the protection of the environment has received increasing attention and resources, protection of the environment inside require much attention, given their close relationship. What can be done for 100 years

Well-known tragedy of phosphorite islands, nature is not just a hit, and was destroyed by mining activities phosphorite fertilizers, and local residents, mainly represented by the Polynesians and Micronesians were doomed to so different from the lives of their parents’ strange “carefree” life, deprived of work, the usual worries and traditional food. Phosphorites were accidentally discovered in 1899. on one of these islands in the Pacific island of Nauru. Less than a hundred years of it were almost exclusively korralovye rocks protruding teeth and heated on the sun, so that all of the surrounding clouds even close to the island do not fit. All goods and products imported to the island, where there is no room even for chickens. While the government is discussing plans for a Garden of Eden on an artificial soil, virtually the entire adult population of the island, is the second largest in the world (41% of the population) on the prevalence of type II diabetes (insulin-dependent), has a high degree of obesity.

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