Weekend – enemy of diets!

You had the feeling that you follow your diet and exercise plan throughout the week and not lose the weight you want? Weekends may be the problem.

Saturday and Sunday we are going to parties, meals away from home, and if we are fond of sports, we are not losing football! The problem is that this often makes us forget the good eating habits, because we are tempted to give us a break from the routine of the week. We eat in restaurants or at home from our friends that we have been invited to a barbecue. For this reason, we need to know healthy choices so that all our efforts to lose weight are not in vain, without neglecting fun.

During the holidays, we tend to gain weight, especially at Christmas and New Year parties. But not only the festivals are the guilty parties; on weekends it can be.

Experts recommend that we put attention on the portions that we consume and have a rigorous control of the weight. For this, the main thing is planning:

  • If you have activities outdoors, take a healthy snack, such as fresh fruit, yogurt fat or a sandwich with Turkey ham. This will prevent you buy soft drinks or food garbage where ever you go.
  • If you go to a meeting with friends or relatives, eat something healthy before leaving your home. In this way you will avoid get very hungry and you serve a smaller portion.
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables on Friday. These like you over the weekend.
  • Plan your weekend around a sporting activity and share it with your family or friends. With a good company you will feel more motivated.
  • If you decide to stay at home, preparing meals that are high in fiber, such as nuts, granola and fruit.
  • Instead of junk food available in your pantry, keep snacks healthy as fresh vegetables or low-fat cheeses.

Remember that during the week you’ve taken the effort to improve your habits; does not throw it to lose during the weekend. It depends on you that it becomes a threat or an ally of your diet!

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