Ways to eat fattening

Much of our weight is dictated by the relationship that we have with the food we eat. To some extent we can say that we have the body we deserve, given our eating habits and activity levels we carry. For example, sometimes just after dinner and Choice for us all day, we sat in front of the TV with a nice bag of chocolate chip cookies. By the time we woke up we’re pulling the empty package and everything we have done throughout the day just like throwing that package Sound familiar?

Now if, returning to our subject is a reality that there are certain we have entrenched habits, habits that we underestimated and that seem minor and unimportant are actually determining your weight.

The same happens when we want to change our old way of eating better. These habits make every effort to stay. Of course like any habit you have, for more established you are, you can always be replaced by a new one. Below we will show some of the harmful behaviors that we have when we eat, and how to improve or change…

Dr. Jekyll, Monday through Friday, Mr. Hide the weekend
Vives “in order” throughout the week, many fruits, many vegetables, water, fiber, not fried, you take care with what you eat but comes the weekend and Friday night by eating a pizza yourself are a portion of chips Your sun. In fact you do not see the hours of the arrival of the weekend to overwhelm you. All calories that you saved in five days the rejoinders in two.

Solution: If it is so difficult and going hungry all week gathering why wait for the weekend? Allowed yourself a Wednesday night! This is what I do when I feel too much load with the way that I eat. Just one or two nights I take a chocolate allowed. Then as healthy and it has even improved my eating on the weekends.

The / the calories you drink
Great, but big, big mistake that many people make. Many seem to do everything right but I still do not understand why they fail to lose weight or worse, continue to rise. Do you drink soda or soda cans, juice, wine, beer, flavored coffees or teas? Maybe sports drinks or energy drinks? For all that contains calories, and most empty calories and zero to little nutrition that leaves us hungry because they naturally do not see these beverages as food, on the other hand are not …

Solution: Little big changes. Do not drink your coffee or flavored or sugar (in any case your mism prepare it with ground grain), incorporated by drinking green tea can also drink cold water with lemon does wonders for our thirst, sparkling water with a few drops some citric same.

The / that when hungry grab anything
We always said that when you are hungry grab something from the fruit bowl right? But what happens, this is what we never do. Instead go to the fridge for a bowl of ice cream, or those chocolate chip cookies, we even managed a bit and run to the bakery to get some pastries. Unfortunately succumb quickly to tasty, the temptations and the least healthy.

Solution: Here we can mention several. Learning to become aware of the foods that you take the mouth, up the food you eat in a food journal, clean house of unhealthy foods and calorie dense is some that come to mind at this time.

Emotional eaters
Feel sun, you the fridge, you’re bored and you eat fries, I get anxious and grab some chocolate chips, the job did not go as expected so you eat a large portion of cake. Stress, particularly in your case, if you’re in any of these situations, you fat and lead a very healthy relationship with no food.

Solution: In these cases the key is to be patient and learn to not react with food when something happens that we cannot handle in our lives. It’s a bit complicated but it is important to start at some point to determine such confusing situations and reflect on some other healthier way to react.
Who believes that healthy eating, or shortly but it does not really

Who believes that healthy eating or shortly but it does not really

This is a very common case; there are many people with the belief that eating healthy foods and overeating that is the cause of being overweight. Others believe that eating little but not really eat little. Probably eat little amount lunchtime but throughout the day consume many refined sugars, soda cans, biscuits, pastries, bite something here, something there, and the sum gives you eat more than you burn, and so both feedlots as worldwide. It’s amazing how many people are writing that says he does not understand why we get fat but when meticulous finds all the reasons…

Solution: Keep track of what you eat. Journal of food, calorie control, weigh yourself every week, all to let you know with greater certainty as your body behaves according to foul brood eat. I promise you will be amazed.

We hope this article serves you and hope your feedback.

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