Want to diet?

At Christmas everyone fat. The weight that has been gained in two weeks it will take more than three months unless removed from today adopt a genuine emergency plan. Only a matter of having a little will to reduce food and increasing exercise. Here we provide the latest products and tips to help you get it.

We give you ten tips to help:

  • No drastic dieting. Remove the weight slowly. Achieving weight loss between 500 grams and a kilo a week is right.
  • Away from diets that promise quick weight loss, since most of these diets do so at the expense of body water and lean muscle mass, and no fat.
  • Eliminate sugar and alcohol from the diet, decrease intake of carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice).
  • Supplementing the diet with physical exercise tailored to each individual state.
  • Attend called satiating food, between meals. Help you pass, much better, the first day diet: fiber, water or some fruits such as apples.
  • Increase breakfast including fruit and decrease long dinner.
  • Eating in dessert plates and chews slowly. Do not swallow solids until they become liquid. Eating around reducing the amounts.
  • Perform five meals a day and drink more pints of water a day.
  • Do not try to lose weight without official registration pharmacological treatments.
  • Lost the eating habits with the help of a nutritionist to monitor our diet as soon as possible.

The secret to losing weight lies basically in two ways: diet and exercise. Without them any product will be effective

Do not confuse being overweight with cellulite. This is a functional and aesthetic disorder, caused by the accumulation of fluids and fat in different parts of the body. Cellulite creams are not the miracle, only work with tenacity and perseverance combined with a massage routine, proper diet and physical exercise.

Despite this certainty, both for weight loss products to eliminate cellulite is still announcing its alleged virtues, not scientifically proven, some are sold in pharmacies, others are dispensed by mail or in various practices and clinics. And what you always get is slim pocket of many people, especially in a group especially susceptible to this problem: the adolescents.

There are certainly useful and healthy products on the market that can be used successfully as additional supplements weight loss diets, satisfying products, fiber, drainage, etc., There are skin creams that tune, but never achieved slimming taking only those products not following a diet and increased exercise. And most of the time they would get similar results with an infusion that would help debug, such as red or green tea.

There are no miracle products but if there are products that help in this task, gum satisfying, eat fats pills, creams anti-cellulite, reducing or draining, specific products for spot fat reduction, patches, gels, and even perfume etc. Our experts have chosen the best in the market both in fragrances like slimming foods considered miraculous and of course creams, pills, patches, gels.

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