To lose weight: A hundred less calories and 2,000 steps!

It has been shown that small changes in lifestyle and diet are closer to realistic, feasible to implement and more effective because they are maintained over time.

Small changes big results
Design a plan to eat fewer calories should be simple and painless, not a complex. He explains the “America On the Move” in the United States (AOM), a national initiative that provides simple tips to reduce daily food intake in about 100 calories.

At the same time, the program provides ideas for increasing daily physical activity, such as walking 15 minutes or increase by 2,000 daily steps.

One hundred calories less
The program allows the user to modify the ingredients tips that make the recipes, how to cook and portion sizes of the various dishes that make up the menu, both salads and starters, as first and second courses, desserts, side dishes, sauces and beverages.

You can see how easy it is to cut calories without feeling hungry and barely notice it at meals. Also provide tips for when you eat out, and less energetic ways to make breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

The proposed program will not stop eating pizzas and burgers, but gives keys to lighten.

The key is to choose, cook and eat sensibly and in moderation. Thus, it is easy to understand how substantially reduce the calories of the dishes with small gestures:

  • Served a fruit plate topped with a scoop of ice cream instead of a bowl of ice cream with pieces of fruit.
  • Choosing half the normal ration in energy dishes and desserts.
  • Ration served and removes the pan.
  • Use smaller plates to serve rations.
  • Use nonstick pans.
  • Make use of oil aerosols and extend allowing easy dispense the right amount of this fatty condiment.
  • Dress right and remove the vinegar.

The proposed program will not stop eating energy foods such as pizza or sandwiches, but gives keys to lighten:

  • Add half of cheese pizza.
  • Toast the sandwich without butter impregnate.
  • Add vegetable snacks, replacing animal protein.

2000 steps a day
Researchers at Colorado On the Move (predecessor movement “America On the Move”) showed that the program with a specific objective quantifiable behavior, such as walking 2000 steps per day recorded with a pedometer, has a positive impact on physical activity levels.

Exercise and diet are sustainable when they become habit.

The authors note that this increased activity may help prevent the average annual weight gain of a kilo which has been found in the U.S. population. This initiative has been evaluated in various population groups, including high school students, college and families with at least one overweight child. The results in all cases were positive: a sustained increase in physical activity.

Realistic and effective strategy
Dr. James O. Hill, Nutrition Research Clinic of Colorado (USA), University of Food Science and Health, reported in an article for the American Society for Nutrition that “something is sustainable” when “it becomes a habit”.

Within education of healthy eating habits, maintains that it has to “go beyond a program or initiative temporary support” for the changes in feeding behavior are more likely to achieve and maintain over time. This shows that individuals are able to make positive changes in diet and physical activity in response to simple messages, concise and specific.

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