Tips for Running in winter

If you live in an area of the globe where the temperatures range is suitable abruptly that you consider some ways to avoid falling ill and make continuous run training much easier.

It is important depending on the season in which you are running some tips to follow, for example in winter. Winter and summer may be treated in the worst seasons for our outdoor workouts.

Some tips for running in winter are:

  • Breathing is very important, to prevent sore throat inspired by the nose and out through your mouth.
  • Wrap up, special materials are very well run, for example, the mats or hats. Special materials help make the sweat does not accumulate because our skin breathes.
  • If it rains or high humidity can choose to wear a raincoat or some material to protect you.
  • Try to cover certain areas of the body that give off much heat such as the hands, ears, head, etc..
  • Whether in summer, spring, winter or fall, is well hydrated properly. Because sweat less in winter does not mean you should have less regard this section.
  • Watch your shoes, if you get to run and put them to dry are wet.

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