Tips for reducing fat intake in your diet

Use olive oil instead of butter, choose lean meats or herbs used in the preparation of the recipes are some of the recommendations.

No doctor not advice. Moreover, avoid excess fat in the diet, has become one of the key recommendations of the WHO. Health Organization, in order to combat and prevent many diseases. And although this is not always easy, yes there are a number of tips that can help get to all those who wish to do so:

  • Try to choose lean meat and remove visible fat before cooking them. The chicken, prepare it without the skin.
  • Also, defatting broths cold meat or poultry. As dairy products (milk, yogurt …) is preferable to be skimmed.
  • Cook and Aline always dishes with olive oil instead of butter or margarine.
  • Prepare more food that will be consumed at the time and to freeze part of it and not have to go to cooked, usually fattier.
  • If eating out, menu eleja salads, poultry or fish grilled instead of fried or stews.
  • Use nonstick pans and pots in aluminum or similar fat that using just pasted.
  • Choose poor processing methods such as cooking fat, boil or saute pans type in wok.
  • Instead thicken sauces with cream, do so crushed vegetables (previously cooked).
  • To accompany or replace the gratin for fried some rice or boiled potatoes.
  • If the taste of cooked vegetables seems bland, fill with herbs instead of adding other fatty seasonings.
  • When frying or grill, leave food first on several pieces of paper towel to soak up any excess grease.
  • Remember, it is advisable to distribute the meals in divided doses, as this has a positive effect on blood lipid levels.

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