Tips for healthy breakfast

In the race to lose kilos think we should fast as possible and skip meals, but the truth is that making the 4 meals a day + 2 snacks is the best way to lose weight and / or maintain proper weight.

In this, the breakfast is one of the basic foods because going from 8 to 10 hours without eating; your body needs to recover energy that gets breakfast. Here are some tips for healthy and nutritious breakfasts:

  • Drinking coffee in moderation: while it is good to be lucid and awake at the effect of caffeine, the same substance in excess accelerates the heart and nervous system. It is best not to take more than 3 cups throughout the day and if milk is best, so do not drink coffee so pure.
  • Drinking milk: this food gives us fundamental proteins for growth, calcium for bones and phosphorus for bones and teeth. If you are an adult over 25 years and looking watches the calories, I advise you to consume skim milk, but never you replace.
  • Beware of too much sugar: is a food that gives us quick energy, without vitamins and minerals, but excessive consumption can lead to health problems. Advisable is 2 teaspoons per cup of tea. Do not overdo jams and jellies, which are rich in sugars.
  • Eat cereal: either in bread or as cereal seeds provides carbohydrates essential for the body’s energy. If they are better integrated, and add fiber, vitamins and minerals to our diet. The recommended serving of bread is 2 slices of bread mold or 1 piece of pastry. For cereals 3 tablespoons per cup or bowl.
  • Eat fresh fruit or fruit juices: they provide fiber important for our body. While all sometimes do not have time to include them at breakfast, at least 3 times a week drink juice or eat one piece of fruit is essential.

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