Tips for eating less food

We know that many aspects of our life are closely related to psychology, in the days before we analyzed obsession with sport and physical appearance. On this day we will see advice to eat less food, as you can see the theme is also closely related to the world of psychology.

To eat less and feel ‘full’ trick the brain necessary, to achieve this it is recommended that we use a number of strategies. These strategies are based on sudden changes in the way you eat and, of course, no harm to health as the famous miracle diets.

One of the tips for eating less is that the portions in which you serve the food are lower. A clear example can be seen in the most developed societies in which they serve large quantities of food. Coincidentally in these companies find the highest rates of obesity, not only for the portions if not the components of food rich in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates.

The following tips for eating less is not to serve all the food we go to eat in the same plate yet. For example, if we are to make a meal of vegetables and fish, it is ideal that we gather not all in the same dish and we go eat together. It is recommended that you eat vegetables first then going to eat the fish. This got our brains think we eat more than if we gather together everything on a plate.

Drink a considerable amount of water to be around 2-3 glasses of water before meals helps fill your stomach and feel partially satisfied. Remember that the brain takes a few minutes to realize what we have spent, so, drink glasses of water 10 minutes before eating.

Another advice to eat less food to bear in mind is that you have no food so handy ‘peck’ food we usually eat between meals are often high in sugars, having a high amount of calories. When we reach a very easy candy, chips, buns, so we are tempted to try them.

Finally, it is noteworthy that no television or eat without the computer helps us realize what we are really eating.

Remember that training is ideal perform regularly and within the aerobic level or lower to maintain our weight.

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