Tips for being always thin

When it comes to caring for your figure or lose weight there are many ways to do so and follow a diet is not necessary. The following is a list that can help you.

Never follow diets
Learn how to eat healthily. Diets sound to restriction and pain and are unnecessary. They almost never give permanent results, because diets are temporary. It is true that a diet can help you lose weight but you need to change your eating habits to keep you always thin or at your desired weight. Otherwise you stop the diet and start to get fat. Some people find that well elaborate diets such as the South Beach Diet will help them learn to eat; in this case it is good to follow them but avoid at all costs fast diets.

He eats
Eat healthy, the you starve to death only brings health problems and sometimes more weight because after so much deprivation people there are to eat a lot. Eat every 3 hours to prevent attacks of hunger.

Always eat breakfast
A healthy breakfast is protein, carbohydrates and fiber. Avoid full of sugar, breads cereals already whether sweet or not, it’s eating a full meal. Example: oats normal cooking (not instant or powder) with nuts and milk, an egg with vegetables and tortilla or bread omelet or a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk. Avoid juices even though they are natural because they have lots of sugar and breakfast is very important to not eat sugar.

Don’t wait to be hungry
Eat at certain hours do not wait to feel hunger because when you feel you’ll be hungry and eat more.

Eat whole grains
Let flour refined for special occasions or restrict them in small amounts during the day. You prefer corn tortillas to whole wheat bread to normal bread, flour tortillas, you prefer brown rice

Eat your dinner early and put time to stop eating
Before going to sleep we tend to eat for emotional reasons, not for hunger. Prefer to take a herbal tea or have a girl fruit prepared to avoid eating much. Prefers a light dinner

Read the labels
Many even the so-called natural foods have high amounts of fat, sugar and calories.

Eat what you want once
You don’t get absolute restrictions; you will not lose your figure by eating your favorite foods on special occasions or more often in moderate amounts.

You prefer healthy fats
Fats are essential, but there are good and bad. Deletes the consumption of butter, margarine and hydrogenated oils.

You need exercise to keep your body strong, flexible and hard.

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