Three causes of excess weight

excess weightViolation of metabolic factors
Metabolism is the basis of life, it is the most important feature of any living matter. It is in the process of metabolism is the expansion of incoming nutrients to components (amino acids, fatty acids, etc.) and the restructuring of the compounds (similar to how, in examining the details built from Lego one model, for example, an airplane, we building of the same parts completely different, such as a machine), are specific to a given organism and used as a building material and energy.

Thus, of the amino acids in the cell builds it needs specific proteins.And the process of digestion and the process of elimination from the body of the residual reaction products and impurities are constant for a living organism metabolism. It is natural that this process involves all the organs and systems of the body, including the central and autonomic nervous systems.

General metabolic disorder manifested primarily by shifts in exchange. One of the consequences of this is the accumulation of excess oxidized metabolites.

Obesity – another example of the shift in the exchange process and is a consequence of the situation in which the processes of formation of the nutrients fat outweigh its decay process.

Changes in metabolic processes can be triggered by a variety of reasons, and yet we must not forget that the metabolism – the chemical phenomenon (or rather, biochemical), and the rate of a chemical reaction, the quantity and quality of the resulting reaction product is always dependent on the purity of reagents.

For thousands of years, our body adapt to local products, studied sparingly dole matter and energy, produces an enzyme catalysts for the necessary reactions with maximum efficiency and minimum harm to health. And now for some 20 years, we have almost completely changed the chemical composition of food, filling it with preservatives, colorants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, changed its physical and chemical properties by pasteurization, homogenization, separation, and other similar processes. And for these new substances in our bodies are no enzymes, and our body can take substances such as toxins or carcinogens, mutagens or factors as neutral, but requires additional energy to reduce the body. How can you not start failure? And it must also be noted that the connective and fatty tissue can grow around foreign bodies or dissolve, to be buried in his thick harmful is incorruptible or unwilling excreted substances. Sometimes it is good, when the poison isolated, and sometimes harmful, such as no good will accumulate in the tissues of DDT (Doust).

Instead of real food more often today, people living in the city and in rural areas, are beginning to eat a variety of chemically modified foods with preservatives, aromatic and biological additives that contribute to metabolic disorders. Generally considered that it is a misfortune citizen, they say, in the village all the land, all the cleaner. Yes, no preservatives, no flavor is not there, and the pesticides are the same, and by the way, is no guarantee that the content is correct, because the analysis, nobody does, and fertilizer to the eye roll in gardeners. And in his household fed hens are crammed with the same chemistry, antibiotics and hormones, animal feed, as on poultry, otherwise why would a healthy bird carrying eggs than once a week, and every day?

But it is especially harmful to a delicate balance so-called fast food. In recent years, obesity has become a huge problem it is for the developed countries of the world, especially for residents of cities. Too often in the food they eat hamburgers, hot dogs and other dishes, sandwiches and snacks, almost all fried in fat, almost all – of high-calorie and low in fiber. It is also important that the animals whose meat we eat, for the early weight gain are hormones that are found in meat sometimes in the form of traces, and sometimes in a very appreciable quantities. In this case, they may act similarly to people, although such cases are no longer recorded. And because they know that it is harmful. But it does not taste the advertised miracle, and with a marketing ploy as gifts, if it is not just fashionable, but has become a way of life, a kind of social marker? Advertising has become a social phenomenon, it dictates a view of life and desire, it imposes on members of the society of mindless consumption patterns, the list of most desired food, it changes the way we think and consumption. And if the advertising – the engine of progress, it is not a driver fell asleep and there it is heading our steam locomotive?

The second reason – the inadequacy of the supply of macro-and trace element composition. Our ancestors always ate about 500 species of plants, we do not eat more than fifty. Do not believe me – take a pencil and figure. How much do you think of natural products, which are programmed to process our body, it needs to correct life, we do not get enough from food? And how much we eat unnecessary and often harmful food, which at best just is not metabolized and leave the body intact?

For example, children who are too often drink sodas with synthetic dyes and fragrances, eat chips or burgers, drinking sweet cocktails, are unlikely to know that these products contain the so-called empty, that is, do not give your body nothing but energy calories.

People eating harmful, not balanced in composition, chemically modified products do not just get fat, they also feel a constant hunger because of improper digestion of food by the body. For example, the body needs 100 grams of protein. Say, in the greatest concentration contained in the sausages (8 g per 100 g of weight, fat – 20 g, carbohydrates – 15 g), and biscuits (4 g per 100 g of weight, fat – 10 g, carbohydrates – 57 g ). Now count how many hot dogs you need to eat to cover the daily requirement of protein? And how much do you eat with extra fat and carbs? And add fat mayonnaise and salt (where the same without it!) And mustard! And in fact, what is most interesting, until the body attains its normal protein, he will not rest, hunger, is not likely to fade away. Excess fat and carbohydrates will lead to failures in metabolism.

Constant consumption of synthetic components in the form of dietary supplements, drugs causing irreparable harm to the human body. The body simply can not function properly when it is overloaded foreign to him substances. Therefore, the possible need to eat mostly organic food, avoid food dyes and other additives, especially with regard to the products of long-term storage. They not only provoke the accumulation of excess weight, but also can cause depression, nerve damage, which in turn also disrupt metabolism and interfere with the normal operation of your body.

We have already mentioned in passing on diet. According to statistics, two-thirds of obese calorie diet does not exceed the norm, and a balanced diet. So what’s the deal? To the extent of digestion, the rationality and efficiency of its use. Assume that the daily energy expenditure of 2500 kcal per person for a long time it consumes a daily amount of calories. That is, it receives so much and spends his weight does not increase. If you suddenly drop to 2000 calories calories, the bodies in times of stress (we hungry!) Begins to make up for missing the usual amount of energy consumption of calories from fat reserves, respectively, there is a loss of weight. On the other hand, if the intake of calories was firmly established at the level of 2000 kcal after one supplied 2500 kcal, the body under the influence of survival instinct is adapted to so many calories, accepting them as the norm and out of stress. Of course, weight loss stops. Instinct body right again to recreate the energy reserves. Accumulation of fat will go even faster when you return to the same caloric content of 2500 calories, which is excessive for the body now! This theory was developed Michel Montignac, explaining their patients the mechanism of weight loss.

Not only restrict your diet, you should know and observe many more rules. Best of the diets that which you agree to follow all his life, not shortening it at that.

Metabolic processes in the body if not properly broken, irregular eating. Modern man (of course, if it is not a housewife, which, frankly, there’s no hurry) obyno eat in a hurry, on the run.

Lunch break for an hour, and the need to give himself up, and to the dining room (coffee, etc.) to reach, and to stand in the queue (wait for the order), and on the way back the time to leave. Where here to make chewing movements 40, savor each bite, enjoy the fragrance and table! How often do we, being late, do not eat breakfast, live day biting naedyatsya afternoon and at night. Constantly hurrying people used to bite a few times during the day literally on the move, often dry. And, as a rule, high-calorie food. The most important consequence of such a diet – disease of the stomach and intestines, disorders of metabolism and accumulation of unspent surplus fat.

Try to take the time for a meal, it is enough to select the time! Remember that feeling of fullness is always late. You have not yet had time to put a piece of your favorite dishes in your mouth? And take the time to do this, imagine that you have already done so. If saliva is released quickly and easily swallowed – you still hungry, if swallowed hard – you have already filled, so it was time to stop.

Disorders of the nervous system

Another cause of obesity – is a violation of the nervous system caused by stress. It is impossible to fight against excess weight, if you are constantly afraid of something and worried about something. First you need to find peace of mind, to believe in yourself and your success. Fears, self-pity, anxiety, lead us to nervous breakdowns. This condition causes the body to replenish energy stores, and there is an unhealthy appetite, especially for sweets, a person begins to have the slightest failure.

Brain and spinal cord control all the functions of our body. Quality depends on the activity of the brain of oxygen, which feeds into his blood, and hence from the food we eat. No iron in the diet – not in the right amount of red blood cells, and that’s the lack of oxygen. Not enough oxygen – weakening muscles, including those responsible for the ventilation of the lungs, and blood oxygen levels are falling, the oxidation reaction, slower, slower harmful substances leave the blood and excreted. It is a vicious circle. In the brain, blood-feeding, which is poor in oxygen and rich in toxins, changes occur, often irreversible. These changes can affect every system of the body.

Doctors usually to clean up the nervous system recommend positive emotions, proper rest and good nutrition.

To clean up the thoughts and feelings (or rather, re-order), a person is almost always necessary to change the situation. And it is desirable to do so for several days. You can just take a walk in a hurry, in a new location or, for example, in the park, where you have not been.

Perhaps worst of all insomnia when, exhausted, go to the kitchen so as not to wake the household, and there are already coasting look in a fridge in search of unsold tiles there favorite chocolate. Chocolate is known to contain serotonin and promotes the development of a body of the hormone of happiness.

Similarly, acts and dramatic surge in blood glucose levels, if you eat, such as candy. But to relax and sleep, we will not take a dose of sleeping pills food. Try to darken the room (and the next renovation plan to make sound insulation), turn off all external stimuli, television, radio.

Lay back and close your eyes. Think out a peaceful and beautiful tale, imagine a golden autumn forest, which smoothly and quietly leaves fall. Learn to see in life is not bad (the leaves fall, the rains will soon will begin impassable mud), and good and kind (the leaves are falling, as beautiful, and soon the rains will go, and I’m here to pick mushrooms come, so will type).

Sedentary lifestyle

Lack of physical activity – one of the main reasons for the low energy expenditure of the body. Excessive caloric intake will inevitably lead to the development of obesity. Hippocrates said to his disciples, that physical exercise, gymnastics, walking should be present in the daily life of each person, if he is to remain operational, to be healthy and lead a full life. How long has it been? Since then, our daily calorie supply increased dramatically (for example, by sucrose, yeast breads and pastries, which our ancestors did not know), and the physical work that we are going now on getting and preparing food, doing nothing would seem to Hippocrates. Do we chop wood, carry water, and clean heat the oven? Do we now go on foot or horseback travel around, spending the muscular and nervous energy? No, we ride in cars and more as passengers. We eat artificially grown and processed food, and increasingly stuffed chemistry intermediates, which only need to warm up.

Active behavior – that the law of conservation beautiful appearance and well-being. When we train the body, we do it not just strong: in training actively circulates blood through the vessels, it is best removed from the body toxins and harmful substances that quickly regenerates cells. In fact, we actively prolong youthfulness of the body, it becomes more viable. People who do not have sufficient ongoing exercise, not only have the extra weight, but, as a rule, are less energetic.

How exercise rejuvenates? Sport activities develop in a person stamina, strength, immunity to disease, not only trains the striated muscles, which we can control is arbitrary, but also smooth muscle, for example, the muscles of blood vessels, which is controlled by reflexes, the autonomic nervous system. They will not bother you at all, or will be in the less vascular spasms, varicose veins and other unpleasant diseases. Increasingly strong heart to pump blood.

Exercise stimulates the activity of the excretory system, then the body is cleared of waste products. If we do not do this (or, even worse, on a regular basis by preventing sweating antiperspirant, instead frequently wash), toxins accumulate in various organs. The body is constantly accumulating waste his life, which leads to self-poisoning and to the development of many different diseases.

Physical exercise helps develop coordination, endurance and will, discipline the mind and the body is filled with energy and joy of life. Who said that to lose weight does not need a strong will? Even as necessary! In everyday life, we think it does not hurt, and to build a career without a problem at all.

Interestingly, in full, but physically fit people life is virtually identical to life slim and fit. A thin and untrained live on less!

Hereditary factors

Another reason that the fullness of humanity, are the hereditary factors.

Japanese scientists, researchers of the International Institute of biotech in Tokyo, found that most of the genetic factors that influence the presence or absence of excess weight is transmitted through the maternal line.

One of the most common hereditary disorders just is a metabolic disorder that leads to a variety of chronic and often difficult to treat diseases. Obesity can also be inherited from parents child. If both parents are obese to some degree, and the family has its importance, the children are also suffering from this disease, often from an early age, and not necessarily as a result of malnutrition. American nutritionists have established in this case, 80% chance of genetically inherited completeness. If excess weight is only one parent, the chance of inheriting from his propensity to be overweight is 45%. Children lean parents the probability is 10%.

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