The weight control and nutrition

No wonder they say that beauty requires sacrifice. But for some reason these days girls are more likely to prefer to sacrifice the health.

Ladies, as you can pace yourself and starvation diets? When you finally realize that your body is necessary for the proper operation of nutrition? You, when you read a laudatory ode regular diet, though sometimes think about the reverse side of the coin? For example, the carbohydrate diet. I do not dispute that, after months on the carbohydrate diet, the volume will decrease, but at what expense? The body needs protein. If he does not come from food, the body begins to compensate for the lack, splitting muscle. In this case, the fat is not going away.

Do you think that the protein diet is better? Not a bit. Goodbye, carbohydrates, hello, drowsiness, lethargy, crying, and problems with skin and hair. Monodies: semolina, buckwheat, crab . Who came up with all this nonsense? There is no product on the planet that has all the essential vitamins, macro-and micro nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Diet Dukan deserves special attention. You know that in the middle Ages in this way is consumed? That’s only goal was not to save the prisoners from obesity, so less space in the chamber held, and slowly kill. You have decided that the diet of theĀ Protein-Carbon Alternation make an exception? Or diet every other day, when one day you eat all that nailed to the floor is not nailed down, and the second – hunger sit. Yes, you will lose weight. And very sharp. That’s just Prepare to say goodbye not only overweight, but appropriate work of the digestive system. It is much wiser to finally start eating right.

If you will follow the daily calorie food, the extra weight will go themselves, and the body will tell you thank you. Laziness own calorie count?

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