The way to lose weight simply and powerful!

Today I want to share something as simple as powerful a way to begin to lose weight this week, and if you incorporate the concept and practices will be able to control and manage your weight for the entire life.

But before I tell you what you have to do is a fundamental requirement, and that is to conquer your problem you have to address the issue of your food in a new and improved, with another perspective. So rather than tell you what to eat and what not, what interests me is that you develop a new mentality, a winning mentality, a mentality that this time you will. Because this works, but only if you give it a try and do not give up a week. You have to understand that healthy weight loss and permanently you face a time consuming process. And above all things have to understand that if you want to live longer and better, weight management is something for life. The sooner you understand this, the better.

Now, without further ado, this is the simplest and most powerful in the world to lose weight, starting already…
There are two fundamental components,

  • Exercise,
  • The way we eat

So far nothing new and in general is to eat well and train every day or at least most days of the week. Then is it with some regularity, some control and you’re set. Just like that? Exactly, and here I leave the process in steps.

  • Step 1. Weight yourself first thing in the morning and record your weight
  • Step 2. Live your normal life but attempts to introduce the exercise that can be from walking to lifting weights or playing sports, and anything in between to accelerate your heart rate for half an hour to an hour depending on your time schedule and agenda.
  • Step 3. How is your weight at 7 days? It can take three things with your weight: increase, maintain or decrease.
    If you increased or remained have to do two things: more exercise and less food. Not to get lunch or anything like that. Maybe put out less mayonnaise or salad oil, stop taking soda cans, change butter for something healthier, not eating much sugar, etc. Simple steps but which in the sum at the end of the week provide fewer calories consumed. For the next year the slogan is really very simple: become more active than you were last week.
    And if you lowered weight congratulations! You’re on your way. Just be careful not to lose more than half a kilo to a kilo a week. If more than that number lower probably losing fluid and muscle, you’ll want to keep things for the sake of this mini program and to avoid stalling in the future among other things.
  • Step 4. Repeat step 3 every 7 days.
    Simple, and very powerful. Do not put food, not put you exercise, do not put motivation, do not put anything! Only 4 steps for you to make freely, although it would be good to start to choose your meals and get better exercise more days each time. The key to all this is in step 4, the control. Because how do you know if you’re going up, losing weight or keeping you? Controlling your weight on the scale every week.

If you take … minutes a day to follow the four simple steps
Losing weight can be really very simple…

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