The ideal weight

A common reason for conducting a diet lose weight or initiating physical activity or practice of a sport is linked to weight loss. Aesthetics plays a prominent in the lives of people today, with the status of being thin beauty.

It is necessary to calculate the ideal weight that we have to adjust the amount of physical activity performed daily as a way to achieve it. To calculate your ideal weight using the body mass index, which is calculated by multiplying together the height in meters? Divide the weight from the previous result.

The ideal weight corresponding to values of between 20 to 25 BMI. Values determined above 25 above 30 overweight and obesity, existing categories. It is essential that anyone who begins to physical activity, one of the fundamental pillars for weight loss, know the weight to which it aspires to achieve.

No need strenuous exercise long working hours, with one hour a day to burn calories significantly, contributing to reduce adipose tissue. An exercise plan should be designed taking into account all the variables to reaching the ideal weight of a person.

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