The best time to exercise

exerciseThe work of athletes, scientists have concluded that the most effective classes in the evenings. At this time, the temperatures of the body, heart rate responses and optimal flexibility, so you can get better results with less effort, and the body is the most adapted to training.

However, this does not mean that the need to engage exclusively in the evenings. It’s a matter of your preference and time available. Often people are trained at a time when they have a gap in the business. Perhaps before breakfast or during a lunch break. In any case, it is better than no exercise at all because of the employment of the “most suitable” clock.

Some of the “larks” prefer classes in the morning, after waking up feeling as elevated mood and desire to spend the accumulated energy. Morning classes have their advantages: they help to use up the remnants of calories consumed in the evening, can effectively burn fat and prepare for a busy working day.

Avoid intense exercise before bedtime, though exercise to improve flexibility and overall health (eg, yoga) fit in very handy. Complex soft exercises before an open window and a warm relaxing bath can help to fall asleep faster and sleep tight.

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