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One of the fears that many women have about pregnancy weight gain is that it usually entails. And of course, are nine months where the woman needs to eat so that you not only get the energy and vitamins that everyone needs, but you need to create the optimal environment that will give your baby all the nutrients that you need. You know more about that than me.

Finally, in these nine months some women eat more than usual and between craving and craving ice cream and ice cream after they realize after birth all those extra pounds that rose. The problem is when you resign and do nothing about it, maintaining the same (or very similar) pre-partum diet.

Other preventive measures and take care of their diet and exercise during pregnancy, which remain after childbirth and find it easier to return to their original weight.

But what if the pregnancy is over, they had a baby and want to lose weight now … what to do?

Several blog readers have asked me to give them advice on what are the best exercises and diet postpartum, so I researched a bit and I have several points that I’m sure will help.

Recommendations for Postpartum Exercises and Diet

TIMEOUT: First of all, it is recommended that women wait about 5 or 6 weeks after delivery to start an exercise routine, but this varies greatly. What you have to do is listen to your body, if you feel ready at 2 or 4 weeks, then start over again! But then to expect.

STRETCH: If you had a normal delivery and smoothly, in those weeks that you’re waiting for recover can start simple stretching exercises, without major complications and you do not demand much effort. If you made during pregnancy Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvis, it is good for performing follow after delivery. Here’s a good video with postpartum stretching exercises:

BREASTFEEDING: If you are breastfeeding, you should do several things:

  1. You use a good bra for your breasts.
  2. That des-feeding your baby before exercise. First because you will be more comfortable doing the exercises and second, because studies indicate that babies can put something fussy if fed after exercise, because milk can acquire a sour taste by an increase in lactic acid in milk during exercise. If you can, try to pump milk in a bottle before exercise.

ROUTINE: When you’re ready for a postpartum workout stretching beyond, consider doing your exercises about 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. An excellent routine for now is this routine bodyweight exercises I shared on the blog recently. No need to lift more weight than your own and what you do in your home in case no one can care for your baby or take advantage while he sleeps :). Very Important: No matter what your routine you exercise to the point of never being exhausted, always keep a good handle on how you feel and evaluates the exercises one by one.

ABDOMINAL: If the body part most affected was your abdomen (or belly in this case) can perform various abdominal exercises to help you tone your abs. Try to always perform them on a mat (Gym) not to hurt your back, remember that it had to do much extra work during those nine months.

Legs and buttocks: The other party affected by weight gain is the legs, hips and buttocks. One of the best exercises for these three areas (including also abs) is the squat. In this article I explain how to do it, and other advantages. If you need exercises for legs, you can choose a few that I recommend in this article . Will help to tone your legs lots back.

CARDIO: The easiest thing you could do to burn calories is simply taking walks, increasing your pace growing until you’re in a good condition for jogging, running, cycling or climbing stairs. As in everything, in diversity is the touch’s good not to accustom the body to one type of exercise and attack in different ways. These cardio exercises you can do at the end of your routine for about 20-40 minutes, always listening to what your body tells you.

YOGA: If yours is not cardio or prefer something quieter, you can perform yoga exercises. Many gyms and fitness centers today to teach yoga courses which could attend. Or, YouTube is awash Yoga exercises. Today I found this and I think it is quite “cosmic”

DIET: As with any weight loss diet you should start doing several things:

  • Eat 5 times a day in amounts similar (but smaller than usual).
  • Avoid the most fried foods, sugary and processed. That applies to sweetened beverages like soda or fruit box.
  • Eat single ingredient foods like meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and grains.
  • Avoid white flour and pasta and replace them with whole grain or whole.
  • Avoid eating out or if you have no other, implement tips to help you maintain the diet.
  • Try to cook a healthy version of the recipes I usually do in your home. If you lack ideas, go to a library or a book store and look for healthy recipes, there are lots! My favorite recipe is this, is in English but her recipes are scrumptious and fat burning results provided are guaranteed.
  • I recently wrote an article on how to lose weight in a month in 10 steps, it will cite these and other points about nutrition, I recommend giving it a read to have several tips extra.
  • All these tips should serve to lose the kilos you need. A blog reader told me today that dropped 3kg in a week recommended implementing the tips in this article, so you also should serve.

DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT VERY FAST: If you are still breastfeeding, you should maintain a diet of 1800 calories per day to feed themselves and their baby. If you lose weight too quickly can lower the amount of milk that can deliver your baby. Try not to lose more than 600 grams per week to keep everything in order. At first it will cost to change your usual diet, so do it slowly.
DEDICATION AND MOTIVATION: Last but not least is the be clear that without dedication and motivation are not going to get very far. You must be consistent, do your exercises 3 times a week, eat healthy as possible, fewer and more often, then you will see how slowly getting results, which will motivate you 100 times compared to the beginning of your diet. Nothing is impossible. Wanting is power!

I hope you’ve learned a little something with it another, believe me until I learned with this.

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