Snacks that do not weight

How to convert the pecking at pleasure and not get fat in the process. To stay fit effortlessly we propose some ideas for healthy peck avoiding being noticed in the scales. Since you get up until lunchtime, and from lunch when out, it may take many hours you should not go without taking anything. So it is important that well and eat breakfast, which piques throughout the day is healthy and no further trigger hunger. According to nutritionists and endocrinologists, one of the most important meals of the day is breakfast, and to be balanced a good choice to start the day is cereals. And, in addition to bring you natural fiber, give you the energy you need for the day.

A balanced breakfast and energetic

Therefore, an ideal way to start the day with energy and food not fattening, it is with weetabix provide only 127 calories, and you can pair it with other items such as milk and fruit. Can also be taken as the basis for a healthy snack during the morning or afternoon, as they are 95% whole wheat, contains vitamins, minerals, and thanks to its extra intake of dietary fiber, no fat or calories provides excessive but can help better performance. And is that throughout the day to do also several stops to recharge, but of course you should not satisfy hunger with coffee, fried bags or bakery products. Instead of punishing your stomach and your skin, choose one of these options:

  • Rice cakes or puffed wheat, always accompanied by water to further quench you, you have them in many flavors, including chocolate and yogurt, and are the perfect complement to end hunger. We provide only 26 calories each.
  • Graham crackers, chocolate, Multifruit or oatmeal, fill pretty, taste good and have only about 58 calories each.
  • Muesli type cereal bars or a banana. Ideal for taking mid-afternoon because it contains many grains and nuts are very satisfying. Have 67 calories per bar.
  • Yoghurts and custard which do not need cold skimmed yoghurt drinks, bio, soybean, Actimel, etc. A low-calorie snack that also cares for your intestinal flora and gives you calcium. They are between 45 and 75 calories.

If you prefer a natural

  • Diced Granny Smith apple. It is very acidic and low amount will be sated.
  • A Tupperware with a salad capresse¬† : cherry tomatoes with cheese or mozzarella and basil leaves.
  • Bite of ham. Put a slice of ham on whole wheat toast, a source of low calorie protein.

The healthier sandwiches

Best if you choose whole wheat bread and some healthy ingredients that not only do not get fat but do not raise cholesterol:

  • From omelets
  • Iberian ham and tomato
  • Of deli turkey
  • Cheese and tomato slices
  • Plant with olive oil instead of mayonnaise (lettuce, tomato, tuna, asparagus, corn, sea mouth)

Appetizers whim but healthy If you have any healthy snack on hand, you can get close to a bar and ask you a diet soda and a snack of that we offer: Cockles, mussels, fresh or steamed clams with lemon Pickles, onions or crudities (carrots, celery, apple, radish, cucumber) Sardines or tuna natural Prawns cooked Splashes of sea mouth peppers, pickled octopus A ham toast

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