Slimming Tricks

All walk like crazy with the operation bikini, and we turn to fad diets that are unhealthy and then we do recover most of the lost weight, discard this type of diet and takes note of some tricks that will help you lose few kilos.

  • Come one hour every day, this proved to be one of the healthiest exercises you can do.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water, if you fill a bottle and stick it to the fridge this will be chilly and you better come.
  • If you drink two glasses of water before meals you will be satisfied before eating.
  • Avoid eating carbohydrates after 6pm.
  • Do not think about food and eating end up obsessed what you should not.

  • Avoid carbonated drinks, they will swell and you will be more difficult digestion.
  • Do not drink sugary drinks choose light
  • When you go out walking or you wear with chores, wrap yourself in cling film, it will make you sweat and eliminate toxins.
  • Forget eating saturated fat.
  • Try to eat less meat and change for fish, are healthier.
  • If you are a not let anything on the plate, help yourself to the food in small plate.
  • If you eat a daily loaf begins to eat only half.
  • Avoid desserts; swap them for seasonal fruits are much healthier.
  • And if you have to go out to eat out, try to order light meals, if you go to the restaurant where there’s nothing diet, do not worry, eat half of what you like to eat.

If you follow these tips you will not lose as in those miracle diets but will be a good start to lose a few pounds.

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