Slimming Tricks

A varied diet, low in fats and sugars, but not prohibitions. A balanced diet prevents deficiencies, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and loss of skin beauty. Do we want to lose weight? Reduce the amounts. Staying? We must balance energy expenditure and calories from food.

Eating is a pleasure
Set the table and eat sitting in detail. Avoid eating between meals and do not skip meals. To get a sense of quantity, cut food into small pieces and serve on a plate. Treat yourself once a week: a sweet, chocolate or a tasty dish, savor it fully and eat something light at the next meal.

Eat to satisfy hunger
Recover your feelings of hunger and satiety. Are not you hungry? Do not eat more. So, will reduce the amount quickly. And eat slowly, chewing well, you will be satisfied before and will improve digestion.

An invitation? Fantastic!
Enjoy it without remorse. Eat a light meal the next day, but avoid skipping a meal. And besides, do not weigh immediately. Wait two or three days to see how your weight.

Tips to avoid snacking
Brush your teeth straight after eating. Have temptations? Take a tea or infusion very aromatic, without sugar. A classic trick, but effective: See a photo in which your body may not appear highly favored (but not beat yourself placing it in the refrigerator door!). Do not have tempting foods is the best way to resist.

A kilo of feathers, a kilo of lead…
The same weight, but not the same volume. Something similar happens with food: the same amount of calories fills you or leaves you hungry. Example: 100 calories = 1 glass of wine or 10 oysters or 1 kg of tomatoes or 1 teaspoon butter or 3 roasted asparagus or 400 grams or 5 sugar cubes.

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